Where the Heart is

Heavy // Driving // Shoegaze // Punk // Grunge // Music

Way Vivid EP Released via cassette November 18th, 2022 out on

Triple Hammer Records


“Their sound is aggressive in the most fun way possible and with fuzzed out noise.” – The Deli Magazine

Into is probably the best thing I’ve heard from a band that appeared out of the blue. Their music is shoe gaze and punk in nature, in a heavier Pity Sex kind of way, but with more energy and waaaay louder.” – Manual Dexterity Zine

“Bow & Spear are crafting galvanizing, genre-bending music that spits in the face of tedium. This noise is guaranteed to make you excited. It seems like these folks only recorded the most titillating bits, even though they are clearly capable of long-winded, jammy interludes.” – Razorcake 

“…Bow & Spear wear it well, dipping into the moodier side of ’90s major-label grunge via extended guitar effects and appropriately portioned loud/heavy trade-off.” – Yellow Green Red