Parties of the Past

11/18/2022 Cobra Lounge, Chicago, IL Dead Sun, xyzxyz, Babe Report
6/7/2022 Book Club Sleep Walk, Bleached Cross, Grave Dweller
4/16/2020 Reed’s Local, CHI Reivers, Wig, Wet Piss, sloshed
4/4/2020 The Wisco, Madison, WI We Should Have Been DJs, Dear Mr. Watterson, Devotion Symbol
3/28/2020 Situations, Chicago, IL Lovelorn, WAD
3/6/2020 Nightshop, Bloomington IL Honestly cannot recall
8/31/2019 Burlington, Chicago, IL Florida Man, Ekki, Nightfreak
8/10/2019 Nightshop, Bloomington, IL Planes Mistaken For Stars, All Eyes West
8/10/2019 Yardfest, Brimfield IL Super 88, Dirty Rotten Revenge, Jared Grabb, The Whiskey Trust, Burning Sensation, Blood Meridian, Shoot for ten
5/3/2019 Teal Nebula, Chi IL Dead Sun, Trench, Indisposed
4/26/2019 The Shack Trash Knife, snuffed, dumb vision
4/20/2019 Reed’s Local, CHI No bunny, Salvation, The Speed Babes, T. Tops
3/27/2019 Liars Club, Chi, IL Wet tropics, All Eyes West
3/6/2019 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL No Sun, Dead Sun, Modern Color, Close Kept
2/16/2019 Empty Bottle, CHI IL Diagonal, Balms, Dark Fog
2/2/2019 Catapult Records, Crystal Lake, IL Man Bites Dog, OR, Sleepwalk
11/30/2018 DZ Records, Hickory Hills, IL Bringers, 8 bit creeps, Peach Fuzz
11/15/2018 Beat Kitchen, Chi Slow Mass, Rozwell Kid
10/18/2018 The Owl, Chi Salvation, Cougars, job
9/29/2018 Chop Shop, Chi Panda Riot, Light Foils, ?
8/4/2018 Co-Prosperity Sphere Bad Water Sound, Thyneighbor, Desafio, Kodachrome
7/9/2018 Beat Kitchen, Chi IL RACQUET CLUB!, Two Houses
7/7/2018 DZ FEST so many bands
6/15/2018 Quenchers, CHI IL A Pharewell to Quenchers w/ Band from the back porch, tinkerbelles, rust ring, & hi ho
6/10/2018 Emporium, Chi IL Brek-Fest
5/22/2018 Emporium, Chi IL Kodakrome (Album Release!) & Horrible
4/30/2018 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL Kal Marks, Longface, Great Deceivers
3/23/2018 Quenchers, CHI IL You Vandal / Two Houses / Still Alive
3/22/2018 Royal Skate Shop, Lansing, IL Allbratt, Culture Cuck, Mass Attack with Mad Vincent
3/21/2018 Nightshop, Bloomington IL Pretty Pleased/Bottom Bracket
2/21/2018 East Room, Chi IL As Hell, Funishiga Geist, St. Icky
2/7/2018 Que4 Radio (Mike Rice ChiCityLives) Us, ya know?
1/24/2018 Empty Bottle, CHI IL Montrose Man, Squid
12/8/2017 Reed’s Local, CHI Milked, Aurora L’Orealis
11/18/2017 Aux Arts, Chi, IL Yeesh (last show!), Two Houses, Milked
11/4/2017 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL Slow Mass, The Effects, Ex nuns
10/21/2017 Coles, Chi IL As Hell, The Vanish
10/2/2017 Emporium, Chi IL Droughts, Nonzoo, Jerkagram
7/15/2017 Meltdown Creative Works, Bloomington, IL PitchSpork – Lotsa Bands
7/14/2017 Drunken Donut, Joliet IL Aurora L’Orealis, Future Women, Modern Planets
6/29/2017 Quenchers, CHI IL Sat. Night Duets, MILKED, Post Child
6/15/2017 Emporium, Chi IL Texas Chainstore Manager, Donoma, Montrose Man
4/1/2017 Burlington, CHI IL Frontwoman Fest 2017
3/29/2017 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL Creepoid, Ecstatic Vision, Aurora L’Orealis
2/10/2017 D.C. Torium, CHI IL Blood Cookie, Old Irving, Black Glass
1/7/2016 Double Door, CHI IL Ian’s Party aka Every Band Ever
11/19/2016 D.C. Torium, CHI IL Yeesh, Little Big Bangs, DROOL
11/18/2106 Coughy Haus, Beloit WI Yeesh
10/14/2016 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL Hurry, Aurora L’Orealis, Ro Laren
9/25/2016 Mosh Haus, Milwaukee, WI Evacaute The Earth,
9/24/2016 Mr. Roberts, Madison, WI We Should have been djs, Vein Rays, ION
9/23/2016 Public Brewery, Kenosha, WI Chris Murray, Teen Creeps
9/21/2016 Madison Public House, CHI IL Space Blood
8/2/2016 Crown Liquors, CHI IL Daisy Glaze
7/14/2016 Stabdependence Day at parsleys house Impulsive hearts, Ze
6/25/2016 The Green Mill, CHI IL As the house band for the Paper Machete
6/21/2016 The Burlington, CHI IL We Should Have Been DJs, WAD, guts
5/20/2016 The Auxiliary Arts Center Yeesh, Pool Holograms, Snow Beach
4/29/2016 YIELD Bar, Milwaukee WI The Other Shapes, Slow Walker
4/3/2016 Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL Idlehands, AsHell
3/22/2016 Emporium, Chi IL Vein Reys, Propane! Propane!, The Flips
3/19/2016 Rabbit Hole, Joliet IL Anti-thought, GRMLNZ, Future Women, Agnostic Beach Party, RipTyde,12th
2/20/2016 Reggies, CHI IL Churchkey, Beat Drun Juel, Mirror Coat
2/12/2016 Drunken Donut, Joliet IL Mr. Clit and the Pink Cigarette, Well Hung Heart, Skin Dance, Kill Mama
1/8/2016 Quenchers, CHI IL Phantom Phinale
12/16/2015 Emporium, Chi IL Salvation, Norman Toronto, Space Blood
11/7/2015 Downstairs SubT, CHI IL Lamniforms, Snort
10/31/2015 House Show in Humbolt Park, CHI IL Norman Toronto, Mirror Coat
10/11/2015 Quenchers, CHI IL Smash TV, Black Glass, Kinda Good, Soul Low, The Flips
10/10/2015 Malort Mansion, Elburn IL Alaska, Citrus Wavelengths, Alleys, Prima Vera
8/31/2015 Live Wire, Chi IL Turnspit, secretary legs, sincere engineer
8/18/2015 Fireside Bowl, Chicago Norman Toronto, Roach Beach, Kinda Good
8/2/2015 The House Cafe, Dekalb, IL Bloom, Split Tongue, Noxious Neighbors
8/1/2015 Minnehaha Free Space. Minneapolis, MN Blood Cookie, Falcon Arrow, Angie Lynch
7/31/2015 The Wisco, Madison, WI We Should Have Been DJs, Vein Rays, Gallant Ghosts
7/31/2015 WSUM, Madison, WI Bow & Spear
7/30/2015 Riverwest Public House, Milwaukee, WI Monotaur, Rosencrantz, Hemispheres
7/29/2015 Bric a Brac, CHI IL Vacation, Earth Girls
7/20/2015 Empty Bottle, CHI IL Sleepy Kitty, Beat Drun Juel, Beastii
6/26/2015 Quenchers, CHI IL Lume, Sparrows, Droughts
5/26/2015 Gypsyhouse, CHI IL You’ll Live, Arthur, The Tiny Ugly Germs
4/8/2015 Emporium, Chi IL Evasive Backflip, Harebrain, Space Blood
2/17/2015 Schubas, Chi IL Spaces of Disappearance, Pantomime, Dream Council
2/7/2015 SFR, Chi IL Mirror Coat, Beat Drun Juel, Bluebirds
12/19/2014 The Burlington, CHI IL Space Blood, Game Genie, Tinkerbells
11/24/2014 Empty Bottle, CHI IL HAREBRAIN, Rad Payoff, All Eyes West
11/21/2014 Pilsen Warehouse Mirror Coat, Some fucking dick bags
11/2/2014 Quenchers, CHI IL Secret Science, Mr. Ma’am, Brontosaurus, Tinkerbelles
8/28/2014 The Camel, Richmond Va Ike as in Dwight, Atoka Chase, So Judy
6/14/2014 Township, CHI IL Space Deaths, Lore City
4/19/2014 Township, CHI IL Creepoid, Regular Fucked Up People, HAREBRAIN
3/7/2014 Beat Kitchen!, Chicago, IL Big Joy, Corrals
2/20/2014 Quenchers, CHI IL Still Lives, The Flips
1/22/2013 The Burlington, CHI IL Mirror Coat, The Sueves
12/6/2013 Gallery Cabaret, CHI IL Unmanned Ship, Beyond Luck, Boxsledder
11/7/2013 Ultra Lounge, CHI IL Bluebirds, Mirror Coat, D.P.
9/16/2013 The Burlington, CHI IL An Aesthetic Anaesthetic, Boots with Spurs
8/8/2013 Grandbar, CHI IL Banquets, The Sky we Scrape, Still Alive, In Exile
8/4/2013 Quenchers, CHI IL Zauis, Set and Setting, Boots with Spurs
6/6/2013 Quenchers, CHI IL Ones Bent to Zeros, Destroyer of Light, Gnarvhal